Thursday, 28 January 2010

Analyzing Music videos

Biffy clyro - The captain The song is a fast paced song and the editing and shot timings are matched with with the music tempo.There are alot of close ups to show the intensity of the song and that it creates action and pace in the video.Also there is alot of smoke machines used to give the affect of mystery and the main asthectics of the video puts a good effect towards the audience and viewers.the band biffy clyro star in this video i think it makes it more personal to the band because they are staring in it .This shows the audience that the artist is a part of the video . The plot of this video is basically just the band on a boat in a pirate stlye and in a pirate age. They have pulled of the pirate affect by using old time cloths and old time settings.The killers - mr brightsideat the start of this video the plotline is introduced but wilse introducing the plot it keeps randomly cutting to the band for the audience to establish that these are the killers and this is there song.The video is given an old 1930s look. With the costumes to give the video the aged feel. the lighting makes the video misterious n dark. The plotline of a woman cheating is persude with , flertacious dancing and kissing .

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